Success in Distance Education

Thinking about taking an online course? Already enrolled in one?
S.I.D.E Road is the one page you don't want to miss.


S.I.D.E. Road is available for you to use before and during your distance learning course at LBCC. it includes information, tutorials, practices, and interactive simulations for everything you need in order to make your distance learning experience a successful one.

- Step by step instructions for technical "HOW TOs"
- Time management tools
- Online helpdesk and phone support for LBCC DL students
- Types of DL courses available in LBCC
- Skills for success: technical and time management
- Equipment you need
- Choosing the right course for you
- Procrastination - learn methods to avoid it
- Success factors in DL courses
- Library resources and tools
- LBCC online student services
- Tutorials, practices, and interactive simulations

Revisiting S.I.D.E. Road?
Use the scavenger hunt to see if you are familiar with all the areas and preparation activities available for you.

S.I.D.E.Road was developed by the team of the Instructional Technology Development Center, the Distance Learning program, and faculty from the Learning and Academic Resources in the School of Learning Resources, Teaching and Technologies at Long Beach City College, the project was funded in part by the California Community Colleges Chancellor ’s Office Fund for Student Success. For additional information or questions about the project please contact us at

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